Albany Medical College PA Program

Albany Medical College PA Program
Albany Medical College PA Program -Innovative technologies at Albany Medical school, as well as the middle for Patient Safety and Clinical Competencies, have reinforced our mission to coach students into medical assistants providing extremely ball-hawking, cost-efficient and patient-centered care in a variety of settings.

  • Location: Albany, New York
  • Number of students: 42 (waiting list ~ 20)
  • Application Cycle: Rolling Admission from May 1st to December 1st (Deadline)
  • Interview dates: May - December for the next meeting
  • Start date: January
  • Duration of the program: 28 months
  • Public / Private: Private
  • HCE: 1000 hours
  • Cumulative GPA: requirements of C or higher, but no specific minimum percentage
  • Highlight: No specific condition

Good thing:

  • Biochemistry or organic chemistry required
  • Monthly information events available
  • You have agreements with several different programs for the early approval guarantee - basically you will be included in the PA program as long as you maintain your CGPA and meet all other requirements and conditions.
  • Full-body laboratory with about 4 students per body
  • Interview - An interview in a faculty interview (very practical)
  • Tuition is estimated at 55,000 - much cheaper than some other special programs
  • GRE is required

The following program planner is for students wishing to apply for the Early Guarantee Program through the Center for Physician Studies at Albany Medical College. This program is only available to those who are admitted as new students, a transfer of students is not permitted.

Click here for details on admission requirements, including course requirements and required healthcare experience at Albany Medical College:

The Albany Medical Center for Physician Assisted Studies offers highly-qualified university students in Albany the opportunity to apply to the Center after completing the first semester of the preparatory year. If accepted, they will be granted admission to the program after completion of the required study programs, experience and bachelor's program (average minimum score 3.20). Adopting early confirmation will allow eligible students to focus on building a solid science knowledge base, taking the necessary courses and acquiring the required health-related expertise.

To qualify for this program, the student must have a GPA of 3.20 or higher and complete two semesters in General Biology and General Chemistry and one semester in Human Anatomy and Physiology. Admitted students must have the full (university-appointed) load during the remaining semesters and complete all core courses. The graduate registration exam is issued to eligible students under the Early Guarantee program.

Students wishing to take advantage of this opportunity should express their interest in the UAlbany Pre-Health Counselor. This counselor discusses with the student the EAP expectations and the application process. Applicants must be convinced of their interest in practicing the medical profession as a medical assistant, and admission to Albany Medical College is the path they will choose to achieve this goal.

As part of the application process, applicants must clearly state the personal benefit they see in their participation in this program. In addition, they must set their goals and targets for the remainder of the academic year. A plan to achieve these goals through specific academic and external activities should be included. In particular, it should indicate how the proposed activities for the final year can improve their capacity as a physician assistant in the future. Each licensed student strives to continue his or her intellectual activity, which is reflected in the breadth of education and depth in some areas of targeted study.

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