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California Northstate University College of Pharmacy - The University of Northern California School of Pharmacy (CNUCOP) outside of Sacramento is the first pharmacy college in California to offer a direct pharmacy program (0-6). In partnership with the College of Health Sciences, our undergraduate program, students are offered the opportunity to enter the PharmD program directly from high school, and they will be seated in the PharmD program, subject to specific admission and progression requirements are fulfilled. Students complete two-year courses at the College of Health Sciences before applying for a four-year Professional PharmD program at the College of Pharmacy. The College of Pharmacy also offers a traditional four-year PharmD program for students wishing to enroll in the College of Pharmacy after completing the required courses.

Our college is committed to educating and educating prospective pharmacists to provide evidence-based specialty care focused on improving patient outcomes and improving the pharmacy profession through leadership and service. CNUCOP provides our students with unique learning experiences through active learning, especially team-based learning, to teach our curriculum. Through team-based learning, students get to know a variety of students from different backgrounds. Team discussions are encouraged by the teacher's relief. The practical application of the materials through a variety of exercises and self-reflection improves the knowledge base and understanding of the students. Through the participation of students in various professional activities offered by the College of Pharmacy in collaboration with the CNU Medical School and the Sacramento State Nursing School, our students learn how to work effectively as part of a multidisciplinary nursing team. In addition, the hands-on experience gained through high-precision simulations, advanced pharmacy practice labs, research collaboration with faculty and teachers, and the rotation of experimental education in a variety of settings, provide our students with the opportunity to gain theory and practice throughout the curriculum to link the pharmacies together.

The College of Pharmacy also offers two dual or joint programs. The Executive MBA (EMBA) / PharmD program is offered in collaboration with Sacramento State University. Students participating in this program will be taking courses in accounting, leadership and management. As a result, they are better able to perform leadership or management functions. Students enrolled in the Master of Pharmaceutical Sciences (MPS) / PharmD program earn basic degrees and skills in the pharmaceutical sciences and help prepare students interested in positions in the pharmaceutical, academic or governmental industries.

Mission of California Northstate University College of Pharmacy

Promote the art and science of pharmacy.

Vision of California Northstate University College of Pharmacy

Development of active learning strategies for the education of students and practitioners and the promotion of pharmacy practice.

A traditional four-year doctoral program in pharmacy

Students who have completed or complete their previous courses at an external institution are encouraged to apply for a traditional four-year doctoral program in pharmacy. Applicants may also take their advanced courses, if any, at our first elementary school, the School of Health Sciences. Students wishing to participate directly in the four-year PharmD program must apply through PharmCAS, a central pharmacy applications application service, and submit an additional application that is available on our website.

Applicants applying for admission to the College of Pharmacy at Northwestern University, California, must earn a GPA score of 2.6 or higher. Before enrolling in the program at least 51 semester units (76 quarters) of pre-accreditation must be completed. In addition, at least 12 semester units (18 quarters) of general education courses are required before enrollment. Basic science and mathematics courses must be designed for science disciplines and must not have lasted longer than ten years from the date of enrollment. Public speech and science courses that require a laboratory component (biology, general chemistry and organic chemistry) can not be taken online or by distance learning. Potential students are strongly advised to complete many courses (15 credits per semester) during their undergraduate studies. AP scores of 3 or higher, with a preference of 4, are accepted for courses and / or general educational requirements. AP credits must be listed by subject and credit point and must be sent directly to the College of Pharmacy by your institution or testing services. The college code is 7306. In addition, no more than 10 exams may be taken for the AP exam and for all core subjects in science or mathematics, from the date of registration. Please note that the results of the AP exam are calculated only in the first course of a series of scientific courses. For example, an AP value of 3 or higher in chemistry is calculated only according to the first general chemistry requirements.

In addition, two letters of recommendation are required as part of the application: one letter must be from a healthcare professional or supervisor and the other must be from the science faculty member of your institution. Recommendations from relatives and / or friends are not permitted. All applicants must review the professional and technical standards of the Doctor of Pharmacy program to ensure that they meet the specified technical and technical standards. Professional and technical standards can be found on the College of Pharmacy website. The following table shows the basic prices that must be completed before the start of the mid-August trend.

The pharmacy school of the University of Northern California is a pharmacy school in Elk Grove, Sacramento, California. On May 19, 2012, the opening ceremony took place, at which the first graders graduated. The current dean is Hieu T. Tran, Pharm.D.

University students used a grant from the Vietnamese Society for Cancer Education, Research and Education to run a seminar aimed at raising awareness amongst pharmacists about the spread of ovarian cancer among Vietnamese women.

The University of Northern California Pharmacy School (CNUCOP) is a pharmacy school dedicated to educating, developing, and educating individuals to provide patient-centered, specialized care.

CNUCOP offers a step-by-step educational program that focuses on active learning, direct experience in patient care, and the role of research in developing the pharmacy profession. The goal is to educate highly qualified pharmacists and promote the growing role of pharmacies through leadership and lifelong healthcare services.

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