Coastal Bend College Blackboard

Coastal Bend College Blackboard
Coastal Bend College Blackboard - Whether you sign up for CBC's main campus in Beeville or other locations in Alice, Kingsville or Pleasanton, you'll be like no other state-of-the-art computer. And you at CBC are more than just a number in the computer - you're an individual. CBC officials and teacher support. There are small classes, and there are free lessons in our unique Student Success Center where special seminars are held to promote your learning skills and enhance what you've learned in the classroom. This is possible with a computerized learning center with teachers who work individually with the students.

CBC helps you develop skills to succeed. At the Student Development Center, you'll get support in blending your study or employment talent to suit you. CBC graduate studies show that more than three quarters of them are either employed or have a degree. Similar studies show that CBC graduates are among the most successful graduates - as well as those who have started their studies at major institutions.

CBC makes every effort to educate anyone who wants to get an education. Scholarships, work and study programs are tailored to your needs.

College founded

The Bee County Junior College was founded in the elections on November 2, 1965. The election came after several years of work establishing a Bee County Community College. The population showed overwhelming support from five to one for founding the province. The desire for a community college reappeared on December 7, 1965, when the county's citizens approved a tax in support of the BCC and issued loans for the construction of the college. The Board of Trustees changed the name of the college on September 1, 1998 from Bee County College to Coastal Bend College. The name was changed because the supply area was expanded in 1995 by a law of Texas legislation. The supply area of ​​Coastal Bend College includes Carnes, McMullen, Living Oak, Bee, Duval, Jim Wells and Brooks as well as parts of the provinces of Atascosa and Cleberg. The original board of trustees was Robert J. Beasley and George F. Ilam Jr., Frank Gusts, Fred C. Lacham Jr., Peter S. Maresick, Paul A. Scholes and George Spikes. The Board of Directors, elected in November, elected Grady C. Hough as the first President of the Basel Convention. Bee County College was opened in September 1967 with 790 students, 24 full-time teachers and 11 part-time teachers.  

Mission & Vision Coastal Bend College Blackboard:

Mission - Coastal Bend College is a student centered community college dedicated to providing students and the communities it serves with great opportunities for life education and enrichment.

Vision 2020 - Coastal Bend College is a leader in providing quality lifelong learning by using its resources to promote a learning environment that enables students to reach their full potential and become responsible members of the global community.

Vision 2020 CBC goals 

  • Coastal Bend College offers all students a good learning experience.
  • Coastal Bend College will provide comprehensive student services to increase overall student achievement.
  • Coastal Bend will engage students and staff to support our communities.
  • Coastal Bend College will use resources effectively and efficiently for the benefit of our students 
  • Texas Higher Education Coordination Council goals for community colleges

The goals of the Community College are:

  • Providing educational programs for workers leading to university or university degrees;
  • Providing post-secondary courses in the arts and sciences that are passed on to post-graduate institutions with university degrees;
  • Supporting local and government needs for professional development and development of the workforce through adult literacy, education and retraining programs;
  • Providing access to post-secondary education through an open admission guideline that includes development education programs.

Core values

  1. Learn to respect
  2. innovation service
  3. Integrity Excellence
  4. management cooperation
  5. communication diversity
  6. Benefits of CBC

Affordable university education:

  • CBC is a tax that is covered by Texas and Bee County. Students pay only a fraction of the cost of higher education.
  • Tuition and fees are relatively low.
  • Students can live at home while studying.
  • Scholarships and part-time jobs are available.
  • Different types of software available:
  • Academic work towards a bachelor's degree.
  • Academic work for general education.
  • Specialization through personnel education programs.
  • Part-time education through study for people who can not study full-time.
  • Continuing education, contract training, mirroring courses and professional programs.
  • Develop instant leadership

CBC students can attend extracurricular activities during their first year of study without having to compete with young people and the elderly.

Students are encouraged to participate in student authorities, indoor sports, interest groups, professional associations, theater groups, honorary associations, religious organizations and club sports.

Suitable size and type of foundation:

  • CBC values ​​personal attention. Students know students, civil servants and other faculties.
  • CBC is a natural step for transition from high school to a college or higher university.
  • Individual support is possible in the Student Success Center (SSC).
  • Students are given the opportunity to better understand the increased responsibilities.
  • Students have the opportunity to familiarize themselves with teachers and get more guidance from the college.  

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