Hillsborough Community College Brandon

Hillsborough Community College Brandon
Hillsborough Community College Brandon - Houston junior college (HCC), additionally referred to as the Houston junior college System, may be a junior college system operated at community schools in Houston, Missouri, larger Katery and Stafford, Texas. International recruitment and the large number of international students enrolled in 2015 employing more than 5,700 people. Open enrollment policies that do not require English are supported by an 18-month full-time English program and therapeutic courses.

Under the terms of the Texas Legislation, the official service area of the HCCS includes the following school districts:

  • Houston Independent School Earlier
  • Stafford County Municipal Earlier
  • Spring Branch School District (included in state benefits but not part of the tax base),
  • The independent region of Alif,
  • North Forest County Independent School (now united in Houston ISD),
  • Part of Fort Bend County Independent School in the Missouri area.

In 1927, the Houston freelance administrative division supported its 1st junior college, the Houston college (for Whites), that later became the University of Houston and Houston school for African American Students (now the University of South Texas). In 1971, HCCS County founded HJC and HCN at the University of Houston and the University of South Texas, respectively. In the early days, HCCS used the HISD school campus as did its founders for educational institutions with classes on evenings and weekends. In 1997, HCCS started to transfer operations to local, provincial-operated universities across the HCCS service area.

Qatar operates Education City to bring American universities to the Middle East. Houston Community College runs an industry campus in Education City. However, at the beginning of 2016, HCC announced that the claim had been "significantly reduced" and closed this campus. Over a period of five years, the government of Qatar paid approximately $ 30.5 million to the HCC to support the Education City campus. In a news interview, the Treasurer of the HCC said he did not support the continuation of the campus. "We are a community college to teach children in our region." When HCC sent teachers to campus in Qatar for the first time, the Qatari government sent some of them back to the United States because they were Jews.

As a peace commissioner, HCC state law grants the authority to be arrested without warrants for crimes, breaches of peace, unregulated behavior, or poisoning caused by their presence or exposure in Texas. You can be arrested under a warrant anywhere in Texas. The police department of the HCC is divided into six departments: administration, criminal police, patrol, bicycle patrol, training, communication.

HCCTV began in 1994 when the city of Houston selected the Houston Community College System (HCCS) to run the Education Access Channel. Since 1980, HCCTV has become a video component of the college system, producing educational, training, and advertising programs for the college.
HCCS operates the Houston Community College Television (HCCTV) on Xfinity Channel 19, TV Max Channel 97, Phonoscope Channel 77 and Cebridge Channel 20 and is streamed online. The studio complex with a large studio unit, five editing suites and a digital signage system is located on the HCC District Campus.

Central Campus (Houston) The HCC Central Campus in downtown Houston is served by the METRORail Station, Ensemble / HCC Station. The Houston Academy of International Studies in Houston ISD opened in autumn 2006 on the HCC Central Campus.

South Campus (Houston) HCC Midtown Houston's South Campus is served by the HCC South Campus bus terminal.

The Felix Fraga Academic Campus is located 1.5 miles east of downtown Houston at 301 N. Drennan St.

Opened in January 2010, the campus was named Felix Fraga by the HCC Board of Trustees for its educational, social and economic success in the Southeast of Houston and for improving its neighborhood. Fraga served as HISD minister and member of the Houston City Council. Today, he is Vice President, Foreign Affairs of Neighborhood Centers, Inc.

More than 1,500 lessons are held each semester on the Felix Fraga Campus. The main offer includes maritime logistics, pre-development and other MINT courses (science, engineering, engineering and mathematics). Most basic courses are also available.

In partnership with the HISD, the Felix Fraga Campus also hosts East Early College High School.

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