Mitchell Community College Moodle

Mitchell Community College Moodle
Mitchell Community College Moodle - We are pleased that you are interested in our university. Mitchell Community College has a long history and is proud to be the provider of quality educational programs for Iredell County for more than 150 years.

Our historic Statesville campus, with its luxurious buildings and downtown location, is complemented by our growing and thriving campus in Morrisville. Each campus offers amazing opportunities for academic, professional and personal growth.

The college offers a variety of curricula and continuing education courses. Here you will find everything from agribusiness technology to art. There are some community colleges that offer a variety of student options. In a moment, you may be on stage at Shearer Hall, where you can train for a first-class musical performance, accompanied by one of our Steinway pianos, a sons' grand piano, and a musical instrument. The next moment you might be on campus in our advanced integrated machine lab, where you can acquire valuable knowledge about advanced manufacturing skills. On the other hand, in Mooresville you can take courses in a computer technology integration program or work on Front Street at Urban Farm.

Our training department offers basic skills for those who need to update and improve their educational skills. Our career guidance programs provide tailor-made courses for individual needs and our ability to respond to the needs of both workers and industry through world-class training.

The Mitchell Community College philosophy is based on contextual teaching and learning. Simply put, we realize that there must be a porous border between what is taught in the classroom and what's going on in the world around us. We strive to make our learning opportunities suitable for all students.

The work we do for our students and the community depends on our basic skills. These include our mission, our purpose, our beliefs, and our integrity statements. We demonstrate this through our programs, our partnerships with society, industry and educational institutions, and the relevant use of technology and creative thinking.

Mitchell Community College has been teaching the residents of Iridell County and the surrounding communities since it was hired in 1852 as a Presbyterian women's college. In the early years, Concord College for Girls at Presbyterian College in Central Statesville focused heavily on music and visual arts. This focus continued when the college evolved into Mitchell College in 1917 and became a college for girls in 1924. Many of Erdel's adolescents found their dreams of university education slipping into the global economic crisis, and Mitchell College greeted these men in 1932 on campus.

Mitchell continued to develop and in 1959 became an independent community college run by the Mitchell College Foundation and recognized by the state. Mitchell Community College became the 57th member of the North Carolina Community College System in 1973. In 1983, college officials sought education in Morrisville, and the Mooresville Central High School Hall was restored and refurbished to serve as the Mooresville Center. Today, the college campus in Mooresville offers a wide range of classes and services.

Mitchell opened one of the first college programs in North Carolina in 2004 and was already admitted in 2008. Today, Mitchell prepares enthusiastic high school students for excellence by providing them with undergraduate education as part of the Career Promise program. And college career. And three high school early.

Over the years, Mitchell executives have regularly updated the college and its programs to meet the ever-changing needs of society. Today's focus is on providing programs that create jobs, and the college has a $ 1 million modern industrial center. Mitchell is locally known as a place to receive a scholarship, diploma or certificate. Here you will also find a number of short-term training opportunities.

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