Naugatuck Valley Community College

Naugatuck Valley Community College
Naugatuck Valley Community College - I am delighted to welcome you to Naugatuck Valley Community College, a caring and vibrant institution where students always come first. Surrounded by beautiful gardens and green spaces, the college is served by the talented and accredited faculty and staff at the Waterbury and Danbury sites. It provides comprehensive educational opportunities for those who have just started training and for those who are continuing their personal journey to a better future.

Our catalog offers potential students a broad and varied range of professional and academic programs, including health alliances, aviation, dance, digital art, early childhood education, engineering, manufacturing, horticulture, hospitality management, human services, humanities, science and more. In addition, we participate in several transfer and expression agreements designed to facilitate the transfer of students to and beyond the Universities of Connecticut.

Naugatuck vale junior college (NVCC) prides itself on its historic role as a driver of amendment within the lives of our students and communities, through our shut relationships with Connecticut agencies that promote education, practice, business, and community development initiatives. To this end, we offer programs designed to encourage and promote participation both on campus and in our communities. Benefiting from the evening bus service provided by their ancestors to the citizens of Waterbury, our students funded the GEAR UP Federal College Fellowship and an Advanced Manufacturing Technology Center to support the needs of the local workforce.

Our diverse study programs, certifications and non-accredited programs make the Naugatuck Valley Community College the right place for you. The new school year promises exciting new opportunities for the students. In Waterbury, your educational feelings on the fifth floor provide students with a quiet place to study or socialize. Our Academic Center of Excellence (ACE) provides educational services to all students, and the Center for Academic Planning and Success (CAPSS) provides academic guidance and guidance. These services are replicated on a smaller scale on our growing Danbury campus. Whether on the Waterbury or Danbury campuses, NVCC is engaged in cultural activities for students, their families, and the communities we serve.

Dr. De Phillips has been President of the Naugatuck Valley Community College since 2008. The hallmark of their presidency is a shared vision of society, student-centered, cooperative and civic engagement. Under their supervision, student union rates have risen steadily, and over the past seven years, more than 1,000 awards (certificates and certificates) have been awarded each year. The NVCC's Danbury Center, which began as a small site for non-creditworthy opportunities, has expanded into a NECHE-accredited campus of over 20,000 square meters, offering associate degree programs and non-creditworthy opportunities. During the tenure of President de Phillips, the college reorganized the fifth floor of the main building in Waterbury, extended library hours and tutorials on evenings and weekends, conducted college-level mentoring, counseling, and career readiness programs and worked with local and elected Executives working together to make an evening bus connection. After Waterbury, secured a paid student bus to credit students on both campuses, and set up a student office that crossed the bridge to the college.

Under her leadership, NVCC recently completed a successful $ 1 million capital campaign and raised funds for equipping the recently renovated Hall of Founders Health Sciences Center. In addition, $ 44 million was spent on government bond funding for the construction of the College's Health Sciences Center, $ 6.5 million for campus improvement projects, and $ 2 million for technology and laboratories to expand the Danbury campus provided.

During her tenure, NVCC was recognized for many accomplishments, including being selected as one of 150 community colleges invited to apply for the Aspen Community College Excellence Award 2019, and one of the top 25 community colleges in the country providing opportunities for students low income offers (2015). And was selected in the Bellwether Manpower Development Award in 2019 as one of the ten best finalists in the country. In addition, during the presidency of President de Phillips, the College has accepted four Fulbright fellows and will apply for the fifth time this fall to accept another fellow in 2020-2021. In December 2018, President de Phillips received the Lifetime Achievement Award from the Connecticut Association of Latin American Higher Education (CALAHE) and NVCC was recognized for his contributions to the Spanish language (HSI).

Before joining NVCC, Dr. de Phillips Vice President and Senior Vice President of Academic Affairs at Eugenio Maria de Hostos Community College of CUNY. She has a PhD in Spanish and M. Phil. In Spanish Literature from the Graduate School and the CUNY University Center, a Masters in Spanish Literature and a Bachelor's Degree. In Spanish and English literature from Queens College, SUNY. The published author and literary critic is internationally recognized for her pioneering work in the field of exploration of Dominican women and Dominican scriptures in the United States. For her contributions to Dominican, Caribbean and Dominican diaspora literature, she received an honorary doctorate in humanities from the University of Santo Domingo, the oldest university in America, in 2016. In May 2017, President de Phillips was honored by Hostos Community College as Teacher of the Year for the annual scholarship. He was inducted into the Connecticut Heritage Hall of Fame in Connecticut in September 2018 and was recently honored by the Malta House of Sponsorship as one of 2019 Wonders.

President de Phillips is a member of the Connecticut Secondary Education Council and the Vocational Education System (CTECS), the local advisory board of Prospect Waterbury, the Northwest Regional Workforce Investment Board, the Dominican Institute of City College Advisory Board and the CUNY Association of Dominican Studies. She is a regular lecturer at the Wellesley Higher Education Resource Services Conference (HERS), where she advises some 60 women on leadership and career issues each spring. She recently completed a nine-year term on the Waterbury Regional Chamber of Commerce and the Greater Waterbury United Way board. On 1 July 2019, President De Filippis was elected Commissioner of the College Commission (NECHE) in New England.

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