Pellissippi State Community College

Pellissippi State Community College
Pellissippi State Community College - Pellissippi State junior college (Pellissippi State) could be a public junior college in historiographer County, Tennessee. It is one of 13 community colleges run by the Board of Governors of Tennessee. The Hardin Valley campus is located in West Knox County, west of Knoxville, Tennessee. In the area there are four satellite campuses. Pellissippi State was named Community College of Pellissippi State until July 1, 2009. It is the successor of 1974 founded the former State Technical Institute in Knoxville ("STIK").

As of spring 2015, Pellissippi State Community College operates five sites in Knox County and Blount District, including
  • The Hardin Valley campus in West Knox County
  • Campus Street in downtown Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Magnolia Avenue Campus East Knoxville, Tennessee
  • Blount County campus in Friendsville, Tennessee
  • Strawberry Plain Campus in Strawberry Plains, Tennessee

An introduction to the Pellissippi State Series, the State Technical Institute in Knoxville, was created on September 4, 1974. The original school was added as a wing to the Knoxville State Technical and Vocational School. However, with the help of newly-headed Director Colonel John C. Maor, the Tennessee State Council for Vocational Education soon took over the administration of schools and offered 45 students three associate engineering degree programs on the first day of class, 23 September 1974.

The Belissippi Community College was founded in 1974 as a state technical institute in Knoxville. In the years since its inception, the name of the college has changed twice: in 1988 at the Community College of Belissippi State Technical and 2009 at the State College of Belissippi.

When the college opened, 45 students studied three degree programs, all in engineering, under the guidance of dozens of faculty and staff. In the following years, the state of Belissippi recorded steady growth - from the first 45 students in 1974 to almost 11,000 in the autumn of 2013 (without credit).
The College continues to support and develop Associate Degrees in Career Paths, Associate Degrees for conversion into four-year facilities, certificates and continuing education opportunities to meet the needs of the community. Pellissippi State also offers credit counseling for students.

Pellissippi State has five locations in the Knox and Blount service areas: Harden Valley, Street Division, Magnolia Street, Blount County and Strauby Plains. As of fall 2013, the college employed more than 516 teachers and full-time staff and over 409 part-time workers.

The economic impact of Belissippi on East Tennessee - in terms of workload, employment and per capita income - is estimated at $ 1.3 billion over the five-year period 2008-2013. The university awarded 1,258 bachelor's degrees in 2013, more than any other biennial college. State, according to the Tennessee Higher Education Commission.

Through numerous community partnerships, Pellissippi State is supporting efforts to continuously improve the quality of life of East Tennessee residents.

Pellissippi State Community College is one of 46 facilities in the Tennessee Regency Council System, the country's sixth largest university system. TBR is the governing body of this system, which includes six universities, 13 two-year colleges and 27 applied technology colleges. 90 out of 95 counties in Tennessee offer programs for more than 200,000 students.

STIK was founded in 1977 by the Commission of Colleges of the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) under the direction of the first president of the school, dr. Wayne Jones, first accredited. Six years later, on July 1, 1983, STIK became a member of California State University and the Tennessee Community College System, and therefore transferred the school administration to the Tennessee Governors Board.

In 1986, the campus was relocated to its present location on a 1.80 km² plot of land in West Knox County, near Pellissippi Park. Initially, STIK shared the campus with the Ron State Community College. In 1988, however, the school's mission was expanded to include the Community Technical College mission, adding several parallel scholarship programs to the university, changing its name to State Technical College of Belissippi, and occupying the space occupied by the state of Rouen. 
The Hot Air Balloon Festival took place from 2004 to 2011 on campus.

The state of Belissippi employs about 185 full-time faculties, 265 assistance faculties and 231 faculties, and serves more than 10,000 students, of which 100 to 150 are internationally classified.

Pellissippi State Community College: A transformational environment that promotes the academic, social, economic and cultural wealth of individuals and society.
task functions

To fulfill its mission, Pellissippi State offers students the opportunity to obtain the following certificates:

University degrees and certificates lead to employment in a variety of occupational fields
Associate degrees, courses, programs, paths and partnerships that prepare students for transfer to colleges and universities at the level of the Abitur exam

The trade has recognized certifications that enhance the abilities of the native men, support the development of existing and new employers, and drive economic growth

Our mission is based on our commitment to the following values:
  • Academic integrity
  • accessibility
  • affordability
  • Community and citizen participation
  • diversity
  • sustainability

To support these values, we offer the following programs and services:
  • Academic support services
  • Cultural and artistic events
  • Early college initiatives
  • Categories are not supported
  • learning service
  • Student Support Services
  • Studying abroad
  • Sustainable campus initiative
  • Extended session delivery technology
  • Support veterans and programmers
  • human resource development

In order to keep up and improve these offers, Pellissippi State develops and maintains comprehensive money and different body services and a physical setting contributive to learning. In keeping with its tradition as a technical institute, the college integrates the latest technologies in the areas of teaching and learning, educational support and management.

Located in Tennessee's third-largest metropolitan area, Pellissippi State provides comprehensive services to Knox and Blount County. The engineering and media offering will be extended to Counties Anderson, Loudon, Rhône, Cumberland, Campbell, Campbell, Venters, Scott and Morgan. As a member of the Tennessee Governing Council (TBR) system, the college develops and maintains student transfer agreements with TBR universities, the University of Tennessee, and private colleges and universities in the region. In all programs and services, the state of Belissippi constantly emphasizes the value of diversity between students, staff and other constituencies. The services are provided regardless of age, gender, veteran status, religion, race, national origin or disability.

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